Music matters: Steeleye Span’s Mummers Play

Mummers plays are in essence medieval morality plays. Should that note leave you uninterested in anything further I’ve got to say, consider that they are staged with elaborate masks and other props. Now let’s further add Steeleye Span doing one in 1974 and you’ve got something that is, well, terribly silly, I’d say.

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Steeleye Span’s Mummers Play

Seeking out the early history of folk traditions can be rife with problems. The further back one goes, the less clear can become the timeline of the custom’s development. Just try finding the definitive history of Morris dancing, for example! The phrase “lost in the mists of time” quickly becomes appropriate, and various aspects . . . → Read More: Steeleye Span’s Mummers Play

Music Matters: Steeleye Span

So let’s have some music from what I consider the best electrified folk band that Great Britain ever produced, Steeleye Span. Over forty years of live performances have produced a treasure trove of excellent soundboard recordings.

Let’s start off with a perennial favourite of fans:‘One Misty Moisty Morning’M as performed at Fairport Convention’s . . . → Read More: Music Matters: Steeleye Span

Steeleye Span: Folk with a Rocky Edge

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Come in! Leave your boots and anorak over by the roaring, rattlin’ fire! Yes, feet in stockings are common here…

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