Literary Matters: Heinlein and Huckleberry Finn

After Heinlein wrote The Rolling Stones, he wrote Starman Jones, another rousing adventure tale with nevertheless a bit more edge to it, as bildungsromans must needs have. Romance! Danger! The caprices of fate! No guarantee of a happy ending!

I reviewed the Baen reissue of this title a couple of years ago, as part of . . . → Read More: Literary Matters: Heinlein and Huckleberry Finn

Literary Matters: Revisiting Heinlein

Well, it’s 2014. After several delays, Skynet has become self-aware and unleashed Judgment Day on the human race, any day now, the latest model of hoverboards should be hitting store shelves, and, mark your calendars, next year Marty McFly and Doc Brown should be completing their long (relative to us) journey from the year 1985, to get . . . → Read More: Literary Matters: Revisiting Heinlein