News from Kathryn Tickell

Kathryn writes

“Hello everyone (and a special hello to everyone who is new to this newsletter – thanks for joining us!)

“I’ve been really busy recently, though not doing as many concerts as usual. It’s all been interesting stuff though; I’ve been developing a classical (inspired by folk) programme for Northern Sinfonia to perform at . . . → Read More: News from Kathryn Tickell

English Piping (A Musical Recommendation)

That’s Northumbrian small pipes playing… Quite tasty eh? No, it’s not Celtic music but rather from Northumbia, the northern most region of England. Yes, I know that it’s influenced by the Scottish smallpipe tradition but it’d uniquely its own music.

I know a album is very good when a musician who that plays that music . . . → Read More: English Piping (A Musical Recommendation)