Genevieve Cogman, The Invisible Library

The Invisible Library combines storylines I love: alternate Earths, steampunk, and libraries. That it is well-written comes as a pleasant surprise, as usually the stone soup approach to writing fiction results in indigestion from too much grit and too little real flavour. This is really tasty!

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Kate Griffin: The Minority Council

The Minority Council, the fourth novel in Kate Griffin’s Midnight Mayor series, puts Matthew Swift, the current Midnight Mayor of London, is more peril of his and the Electric Blue Angels’ existence than in any of the previous novels as an evil far greater than anything he (they) have faced before is loose upon London.

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Paddy in The Smoke

Auld Triangle, Finsbury Park, London, England

The Auld Triangle is a three-cornered building sitting at a three-way intersection in a quiet neighborhood in Finsbury Park. Sunday nights, if there’s no Arsenal match (if there is, there’s no session), usually find the pub stuffed to the gills with Irish expats. You will usually find James Carty . . . → Read More: Paddy in The Smoke

The Fantastical London: A Reading List

London aka The Big Smoke has been a setting for many a fine urban fantasy as the real city blends well with the fantastical elements that novelists add to that reality. What follows is my list of urban fantasies set in that city that are I think are well-worth your reading time.

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