Carthy, Hardy, Farrell & Young: Laylam

Laylam which [Eliza] Carthy says means “chorus,” is a showcase for the group’s four-part harmonies and the interplay of their four fiddles, in combinations that include violins, viola and cello. It’s also an excitingly diverse selection of songs in a range of styles, from old English folk to American jazz, pop, country, and spirituals, plus . . . → Read More: Carthy, Hardy, Farrell & Young: Laylam

Billy Pigg: Northumbrian piper

There were two things Janey Little loved best in the world: music and books, and not necessarily in that order. Her favorite musician was the late Billy Pigg, the Northumbrian piper from the northeast of England whose playing had inspired her to take up the small pipes herself as her principal instrument. From the opening . . . → Read More: Billy Pigg: Northumbrian piper