Celtic Colours: October 14, 2013 — Far Flung Fiddles

The Cape Breton supergroup called Beòlach was the headliner at a show called “Far Flung Fiddles” at the Judique Community Center in Judique, Nova Scotia, on the evening of the third full day of the 17th annual Celtic Colours International Festival Monday, Oct. 14. And Beòlach indeed brought the near-capacity crowd to their feet more . . . → Read More: Celtic Colours: October 14, 2013 — Far Flung Fiddles


The Revels are a tradition unto themselves. We have a look at them today, first this year’s CD, Strike the Harp, which gives a good idea of this year’s Revels, and then a look at the show (celebration?) itself. the 2012 Revels at the Sanders Theater in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

And if you want to know . . . → Read More: Revels

You Were Warned

And here I am, back again with more reviews. Hmm — where to start?

Zombies! Cant’ live with ’em, can’t live without ’em — which seems to hold true for some people, at least. Christopher Golden has come out with an anthology that reinvents the zombie, according to our reviewer — 21st Century Dead. Or . . . → Read More: You Were Warned