Old Hag Tunes

She looks like the wizened old crone in that painting Jilly did for Geordie when he got into this kick of learning fiddle tunes with the word ‘hag’ in the title: ‘the Hag in the Kiln,’ ‘Old Hag You Have Killed Me,’ ‘The Hag With the Money,’ and god knows how many more. Just like . . . → Read More: Old Hag Tunes

On The Matter of Hobbits

Some years back I’d been mucking around the annotated literature collection we have here in the Estate Library and found that we had a copy of The Annotated Hobbit when I reviewed it. It certainly wasn’t the best way to read it  as the entertaining annotations distracted from Tolkien’s story but I did learn much . . . → Read More: On The Matter of Hobbits