Winter Libations

Well, it’s that time of year winter is no longer coming, but is here in full force with heavy snows, bitter temperatures, and high winds chilling the heartiest of folk making almost everyone quite happy to inside the buildings of the Green Man estate. And the Green Man Pub has been very busy as many a staffer and visitor is drinking heartedly... And that is why we have this article in Le hérisson de sommeil (The Sleeping Hedgehog), the in-house newsletter for our staff and other folks we know well, on picks by the editorial staff for their best winter ales. It will have you hoisting a pint or two in no time 'tall!

Leading off with our choices is Camille Alexa who says that 'Not an ale, but I'm loving my local Organic Chamomile liquor from J. Witty Spirits (picked it up at the New Deal distillery Open House last week. My man's been quaffing Deschutes Brewery's Jubelale, but is eagerly anticipating his first Brrr from Widmer.'

Denise Dutton has many a choice ale for us -- 'I've enjoyed Harpoon's Winter Warmer, though it may be a bit too heavy on the spice for some (reminds me a bit of gingerbread, which to me is a Very Good Thing). I've heard that Delirium Tremens has come out with Deliriu Noel, which makes me scared and curious at the same time. Is the hook for that particular draught "Have one and pass out 'til next Season?" Just wondering. I'd be interested to know if anyone's had sip of Full Sail's Wassail. Sounds so festive!'

The Librarian at Green Man, Iain Nicholas Mackenzie, perfers a brew only available in our Pub during the coldest mnoths of the year -- Yggdrasil Winter Wolf Porter. An ale that he says is 'A wee heavy porter made from premium malted barley from Scotland. It's a full bodied beer with an extremely high ABV of nearly fourteen. Definately a kick ass porter!'

Lisa Spangenberg notes 'So far my favorite is BridgePort Ebenezer Ale' with a deserved kvetch added in of 'I note in passing that one of the difficulties of writing about beer is that brewery sites are increasingly going to Flash only, which means visually impaired readers are screwed, and it's impossible to link to a specific page for a specific beer.'

Gary Whitheouse pixks these lovely ales -- 'Full Sail's Wassail is very good. As I recall, it's just a good strong winter ale, no flavorings used. Another excellent Oregon winter brew is Pyramid's Snow Cap ale. It's my favorite winter brew so far. Deep, dark and caramel-y, perfect for a cold night in front of the fire with a good book -- although after a while, my eyes always cross and I have to switch to an audiobook or some music. The Decemberists, say.'