Tim Laycock: Sea Strands

This album is subtitled ‘Folk Songs and Tunes from Dorset’ and for the most part it contains just that. It is nice to hear Tim on a solo album, as he is often associated with the ‘New Scorpion Band’. Tim sings well in a Dorset accent, which in a way adds some charm to the songs, accompanying himself on the concertina or melodeon.  This can be a bit limiting, so he has enlisted some guest musicians: Robin Jeffrey (guitar, mandolin, laouto, and percussion), Colin Thompson (fiddle and viola), and Gabriel Laycock (12-string guitar) to fill out the tracks.  I think this album will be well received by the traditionalists amongst our readers, those who enjoy traditional songs and tunes, performed as they might be in an average small folk club or sing-a-round, without the use a P.A system.  

The play-list contains many songs you will be well familiar with, such as ‘The Bold Grandee’, ‘Husbandman and Servantman’, ’Write Me Down’, and ‘John Barleycorn’ to name but a few. The songs are enhanced with a couple of dance tunes ‘Rickaty Robin / Tipsy Bob’ and ‘A Glimpse of a Green Land,’ traditional and written in Dorset.

A couple of songs worth an extra mention, only because I can not remember hearing them before, are ‘The Bwoat’ a Dorset poem by William Barnes set to music by Tim. The other is ‘Death in the Nut.’ This is a story Tim has set to music. It’s a brave attempt, but at over 8 minutes long it loses impact and, dare I say it, gets boring! (Sorry Tim).

Please don’t think this album is poor, far from it — it really is quite good and worth having in your collection. You can learn more about Tim Laycock on his Web site.

However, at the time of writing there is no reference to this particular album. If you want to buy it on line, you will have to go to the Wild Goose Web site.


(Wild Goose Studio, 2010)

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