Stan Rogers: The Very Best of Stan Rogers

Stan Rogers passed away in 1983, but his music and songs lives on. He was a brilliant singer and inspiration to many that followed. In fact, you might say he was a legend in his own time. Born of sea-faring folks in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, he was a big man, 6 foot 4 with a rich dark brown voice. Having composed about 60 songs, many of which have become ‘standards’ amongst singers of today his legacy lives on.

I can’t remember when it was that I first became aware of Stan Rogers, but it was back in the days before CD’s and his work was on vinyl LP’s.

It is only fitting that some of his best songs should be re-mastered on to CD. Paul Mills and Ariel Rogers, who also made the final song selection, produced this CD. There are 16 tracks, Joao Carvahlo by Carvahlo mastering in Toronto has carefully mastered all. All the songs have been taken from previous albums dating from 1976 to 1983. A sign that quality of such is that many of them have been covered by other artists many times.

I know that firm favourites amongst British fans are ‘Barrett’s Privateers’, ‘Tiny Fish for Japan’, ‘North West Passage’, ‘The Jeannie C’, ‘The Field Behind the Plough’ to name but a few. Plus my own particular favourite ‘The Mary Ellen Carter’. This track was recorded live at the Groaning Board, Toronto in 1979 as are several other songs.

To sum up, I suspect most of you will already have some of these recordings in your collection. But if you are new to folk music, you are in for a rare treat. This is a super album and I would urge you to buy it you won’t regret it.

(Borealis Records, 2011)

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