Old Blind Dogs: Wherever Yety May Be

When I was a wee lad I was always made to eat my vegetables at dinnertime. So, I developed a habit of eating the things I disliked most on my dinner plate first — so as to leave the best till last. Strange how later on in life I really got like the taste of the vegetables I thought I hated! There must be a name for this syndrome? What has this got to do with Old Blind Dogs? Well nothing really except that it came to my notice, that every time the boss man mails me some CDs for review, I would always write about the worst ones in the pile first, leaving the best till last — for a treat.

And what a treat! Old Blind Dogs have for a long time been one of my favourite bands. They found a niche in the market and stayed with it. This album is no exception. I am sure all their fans will enjoy it as they continue to fuse Celtic Scottish traditional and contemporary music and songs into an almost folk rock style. However, I did wonder the first time I put the album on. As it starts with a slow moody air ‘St Kilda’ but this just sets a back cloth for the second track, ‘Lough Erne’s Shore’, an Irish song. From there on it visits music and songs from both sides of the Atlantic, but still served up in true inimitable Blind Dogs style. The album takes its title, Wherever You May Be, from a line in the chorus of ‘Scotland Yet’ a great song by the late Davy Steele.

The band on this album is Ali Hutton: pipes, whistles, and acoustic guitar; Aaron Jones: bouzouki, guitar and lead vocals; Jonny Hardie: fiddle, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and lead vocals; Fraser Stone: drums, percussion and vocals. Guest musicians are Rick Taylor: trombone and backing vocals; Nigel Hitchcock: soprano and tenor saxophones; Nathon Jones: resonator guitar; Angus Lyon: Fender Rhodes. The album is nicely presented in a cardboard sleeve with professional themed photos, complete with a song notes booklet.

Really nice album, of a standard of which we have come to expect from the band. Buy it and enjoy.

You can buy it online here and The Old Blind Dogs website is worth visiting.       

(Compass Records, 2010)

The Old Blind Dogs have been reviewed on GMR before here.

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