Nell Robinson: On The Brooklyn Road

This is one for the bluegrass/country fans. Hard to believe the hot chick leaning on the white pickup truck on the cover is now in her 50s. I must be getting old!

By Nell’s own admission, she is a bit of a late bloomer. In fact this is only Nell Robinson’s second album. On this album Nell delves deep into her family roots, the “Brooklyn Road” being the red dirt road that ran up to her family farm near the small town of Red Level, Alabama. Interspersed at intervals between the songs, she has added recordings of interviews with family members. Their stories sound like they were made on an old tape recorder. However, due to the surreal southern drawl listeners outside of the U.S.A may have difficulty understanding what’s being said — me, I loved it! These are real folks — not actors. The end result is they make a good atmosphere for the songs and give you a taste of the South.

There are 13 song tracks on the album, some nice bluegrass standards, old Country, and even a cover of Elivs Presleys’ ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love With You’. The most notable songs on the album are 5 written by Nell. I particularly liked ‘I’m Brilliant’ and ‘Don’t Light my Fire’. The latter has shades of Dolly Parton about it — absolutely brilliantly written. I think folkies might go for ‘Wahatchee’. The song relates to the historical lady Nancy Hart who, during the Revolutionary war, hung 3 British Red Coats while humming “Yankee Doodle.’

As a bonus track, Nell and Cary Sheldon present their ‘The Henriettas’ tribute to the 1930s sister act, The DeZurik Sisters, with ‘Crawdad Song’ and ‘Big Ball in Texas’.

Nell Robinson may be a new name for many bluegrass and country fans, but she is on the way up. You will be hearing more from the young lady!

Nell Robinson has a website here where you can buy the album online.

(Self-released, 2011)

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