Mustard’s Retreat: Living in the Dream

I could just write: wow, another well thought out album from Mustard’s Retreat. But that would be a bit wee!

David Tamulevich and Michael Hough the duo who make up Mustard’s Retreat have been around for a few years now about 42years! In fact they now have 13 Albums to their credit. Judging by the photos in the cover notes, they may be a lot older, greyer, and leaner than pictures on previous albums, but they are still hungry enough to produce brilliant entertaining albums. As singer-songwriters this gets harder year-by-year, as often you can see, a lot of singer-songwriters are way past their best. Not so the case with Mustards Retreat.

The material on this album proves  Michael and David can still ‘cut the mustard’ when it comes to writing some good songs. There are 14 songs on the album and all but 6 are written by the duo. Two of these are traditional ‘Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy’ from the Copper family collection and ‘Blow the Candle Out’ traditional but with some new lyrics and chorus added by Michael Hough.

The others are ‘Let the Mystery Be’, Iris DeMent fabulous song and a couple I haven’t heard before ‘Waiting for the Hatch to Rise’ by Jim Smith. Adding some variation to the album, there is also some poetry ‘My Candle Burns’ and ‘Wynken, Blynken and Nod’ set to a musical background by Michael. Also a set of tunes ‘Grace/Cotter Creek/Bobs Moving Day’ to complete the variation.

David’s songs all seem to centre on love – nothing wrong with that.  My favourite track, and deserves an extra mention is ‘The First Flower’ with words guaranteed to touch your heart.

As I said before, another great album from Mustard’s Retreat and one I am sure fans of the band will enjoy. You can buy it here.

(Yellow Room Records, 2011)

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