Kevin Burke and Cal Scott: Suite

This is the second album from Kevin Burke and Cal Scott. Its interesting the collaboration between two composers. Kevin, from a background steeped in Irish music is best known as the fiddle player in Bothy Band, Patrick Street, Open House and Celtic Fiddle Festival bands. Cal, from a background of composing music for film and TV, is best known as member of the Trail Band.  Both are superb musicians with a real flair.

There are 9 tracks on the album. In affect, it is in 3 parts. The first 3 tracks feature Kevin on fiddle and Cal on guitar playing 3 sets of jigs, reels and a waltz. Some composed by Kevin and Cal are tastefully mixed with some traditional reels.

Tracks 4 to 7 are subtitled ‘The Irish Session Suite’. These are 10 traditional tunes arranged in four movements for String Quartet. Kevin on violin with guest musicians: Andrew Ehrlich, violin; Charles Noble, viola; and Justin Kagan, cello.

At track 8, Cal Scott returns on guitar accompanying Kevin on two hornpipes composed by Cal. The final track is a set of three traditional tunes ‘Dan O’Keefe’s / I had a Wife / Leave Well Alone ‘

To sum up, this is a well thought out album with plenty of variation that keeps you entertained. Of course you have to admire the pure artistry of Kevin and Cal. I particularly enjoyed the tempo at which the tunes were played. You can hear every note, and it doesn’t sound like they are ‘showing off’. A pleasant album everyone will enjoy, especially if they are up and coming fiddle players.  This one is must have.

You can learn more about Kevin Burke and Cal Scott on their websites here.

(Loftus Music, 2010)

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