Supernatural Noir edited by Ellen Datlow: Readings / Discussion / Signing (Press Release)

Our review is here.

At the Pequannock Township Public Library Monday 477 Newark Pompton Turnpike, Pompton Plains, NJ  07444

Telephone (973) 835-7460   Monday October 24, 2011 at 7pm   With the participation of the following contributors:   Jeffrey Ford   Jeffrey Ford is the author of the novels The Physiognomy, Memoranda, The Beyond, . . . → Read More: Supernatural Noir edited by Ellen Datlow: Readings / Discussion / Signing (Press Release)

Rat Fiddlers (A Pub Tale)

Oh, the tale I was going to tell? It concerns the Rat Fiddlers…

The staff is engaged in a discussion to name the group that the Rat Fiddlers are thinking of putting together — medieval music with small pipes, hurdy gurdy, and fiddles.

Who are these Rat Fiddlers, you ask? And why haven’t I heard . . . → Read More: Rat Fiddlers (A Pub Tale)


The idea for an Australian Fairport Convention fanzine started in the far off days of 1985.  There were quite a few ‘zines around then, lovingly put together on manual typewriters, utilising actual “cut and paste” techniques that involved scissors and glue.  Hard copies of Fiddlestix were put together in this way and posted around the . . . → Read More: Fiddlestix

Charles de Lint’s Forests of The Heart

‘Have another drink and just listen to the music.’ — Charles de Lint in Forests of the Heart

I hadn’t read this novel until I had a contradance tour with one of my bands along the Border earlier this year and asked around the Pub to see which de Lint they liked. This novel . . . → Read More: Charles de Lint’s Forests of The Heart

Fiddlers (A Pub Tale)

She looks like the wizened old crone in that painting Jilly did for Geordie when he got into this kick of learning fiddle tunes with the word ‘hag’ in the title: ‘the Hag in the Kiln,’ ‘Old Hag You Havef Killed Me, ‘ ‘The Hag With the Money,’ and god knows how many more. Just . . . → Read More: Fiddlers (A Pub Tale)

John Crowley’s Little, Big

We’ve been having a discussion in the Pub on which house in fantasy and science-fiction appeals to us. Lots of them got mentioned from, as one staffer noted, ‘The old, rambling building that houses the College of Shadows in Schweitzer’s Mask of the Sorcerer. Constantly shifting, new rooms appearing or disappearing, and a library that . . . → Read More: John Crowley’s Little, Big

Babbage Machines

Iain: Did I mention that things get a bit weird here at Green Man sometimes?

Jack: things are always weird here — it’s just a matter of how weird they are!

Grey: And yes, we’ve mentioned it. Many times. Jack says it most often.

Jack: Only ’cause it’s true. Sometimes.

Ahem. Ignore them as they . . . → Read More: Babbage Machines


I’m back, and I’ve got all sorts of different things for you today.

Books — we have books. (Well, we pretty much always have books, but still. . . .)

We have another one of those might be thriller, might be sf, might be. . . ? Iain M. Banks continues his Culture . . . → Read More: Goodies

A quick music update

It’s late afternoon on a perfect summer day (mid Twenties, cooling breeze) so the Neverending Session has decamped to the courtyard to sit under the Hanging Oaks and play more than a bit of John Playford’s compositions; the punters here decided to follow them as there’s a cask of St. George Nut Brown Ale on . . . → Read More: A quick music update

More of Everything

Well, more books and music, and that should be enough. Hi, it’s me again, and we’ve got some really interesting things for you today.

From the folklore of the Levant East comes Ron J. Suresha’s The Uncommon Sense of the Immortal Mullah Nasruddin, a retelling of tales of the Middle Eastern Wise Fool. And as . . . → Read More: More of Everything