Richelle Mead, Succubus Revealed

Ever since succubus Georgina Kincaid got back together with the current love of her life, writer Seth Mortensen, things have been a little weird. Workplace drama caused her to quit her beloved bookstore job, and now she’s working as an elf at the mall. Her love life is great, except for the part where she can’t have sex with Seth too often, lest she drain his lifeforce and damn him to Hell. But hey, things aren’t too bad. Until she gets the transfer orders. Georgina’s being relocated to Las Vegas. It’s a succubus dream job: sunny, sinful, and so easy even a slacker like herself can handle it. In fact, it’s a little too good to be true.

Suspicious of the timing and the job’s too-appealing nature, Georgina enlists those friends she can trust into helping her get to the bottom of things. For a while now, there’s been some doubt that her contract with Hell is entirely foolproof, and she’s determined to find that loophole once and for all. Is that why the Powers That Be want her out of Seattle, and away from Seth? She’s in for the fight of her immortal lifetime.

In Succubus Revealed, Mead wraps up Georgina Kincaid’s story, as much as any story is ever ended. Questions are answered, loose threads tied off, and fates pretty much determined. It’s as close to a Happily Ever After as you’re ever going to get with anything involving a somewhat reluctant succubus, and Mead finishes it with all the heart and soul we’ve come to expect from her books. There are a few interesting surprises here, as we discover just how important Seth really is, and why he and Georgina just can’t seem to quit one another. Some characters rise to the occasion, while a few others finally show their true colors. (Hint: never, ever forget that demons are only as warm and cuddly as their job requires them to be.)

While the meat of the book revolves around Georgina and her oft-melodramatic musings, and her dealings with Hell, the romantic component is never far from the surface. Georgina and Seth make a cute couple, albeit one with plenty of issues still to work out in their own strange way. But I’d rather see a couple willing and able to work through their issues, than those without any problems to begin with. Better still, Georgina’s personal growth has left her better able to deal with things, and turned her into the sort of woman who deserves the ending she gets. Everyone wins! Well, not everyone…

All in all, this is an extremely satisfying ending for the series, and fans who have stuck it out this long are sure to walk away pleased. There’s plenty of potential for spin-offs, should Mead decide to revisit the world, but Georgina, at least, has gone as far as she needs to. I’m going to miss these characters, but I’m quite happy with the way things turned out. Thanks for all the fun.

(Kensington, 2011)

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