See those ale-quaffing, rowdy, scruffily dressed gentlemen in the corner of the pub? They're all members of Local 564 of the Ancient and Venerable Guild of St. Nicholas, which represents Santas, Santa's helpers, department store elves, tree trimmers, candle lighters, professional gift wrappers, goose stuffers, roast chestnut vendors, plum pudding makers, sleigh drivers, carollers for hire, bell ringers, and related trades. The Guild Hall is not far from the Green Man pub so they come here often.

Those round bellies, wire-frame spectacles, and white beards are quite real -- the Guild accepts only the most authentic of males, as their clients expect no less. No female Santas, no politically correct multicultural Santas -- no, these gents are all as 'authentic' as the one depicted by Thomas Nast and described by Clement Moore so long ago. Indeed, they must be at least fifty years old -- no young whippersnappers are allowed in this Guild!

Why they are in our pub and not somewhere else? 'Tis simple -- there's no Christmas music, instrumental or vocal, allowed when any of them are here. All the Guild members had their fill of Christmas music quite some time ago. The players in the Neverending Session stick to their usual repertoire, which can cover anything from the strictest of Irish and French trad to a tasteful selection of Classical material.

So we'll stand this group of hard-working gentlemen a round of Midwinter Ale on the house . . . but we'll leave the rest of the Christmas cheer up to them. Ho. Ho. Ho.