What's that? A Maypole going up in the courtyard in front of the Green Man Pub? There can be no surer sign that summer's 'comin in!' It looks like the denizens of the pub's Neverending Session may be lured outside, along with staff members tucked away in offices in the most unlikely places. If you think Harry Potter had it hard, you should try being Assistant Music Editor -- now which sub-basement has David Kidney's cubbyhole tucked under the stair case? And who's sharing that turret with Maggie Pie? The one with the untidy nest filled with 'treasures'? At least the window box filled with spring blooms is a nice bright addition!

Yes spring has burst out all over, and some of the folks around here seem to be feeling the effects of the impending May Day. Who was that slipping into the green wood just now? Well, spring is as good an excuse as any I suppose.

Before I get too distracted, I have a happy announcement to make. From time to time we award the rare and prestigious accolade of Master Reviewer to Green Man writers who have continually shown an extremely high level of knowledge and interest in the subjects of their reviews, as well as produced work which is not only of technically superior quality but which is also highly entertaining. We'd like to extend a warm welcome to the latest member of this stellar group, our beloved Assistant Music Editor David Kidney. Well done, David!

We've got spring greens in our salad, and the last of the winter vegetables roasting on the grill, along with some tender lamb steaks, braised with mint and garlic. Are we starting early? I suppose, but this is the Green Man Staff, after all! Mind you, we won't elect the king and queen until the actual day, but that's no reason to delay a party! So pull up a chair, fill your plate, get Reynard to pour you a pint, and feast your eyes on this week's set of reviews.