Come, come -- If you're done with the cinnamon infused Mexican chocolate French toast that the kitchen staff has been having folks sample this morning, I want to show you something. Over there, on the other side of the main lobby from the pub entrance, is the inside door to the Green Man Gift Shop. I bet you never even noticed it -- we do keep the lights a bit dim in the lobby. That's for atmosphere, you know!! And our gift shop is intentionally unobtrusive. You wouldn't expect neon lights, would you?

Actually, the entire lobby of this building was very likely an indoor shopping mall back in the early days (you know, the late sixteen hundreds . . . ) So it's not surprising that we should still have one small shop to remind us of those days. At least it looks small from here -- you'll be amazed when we go inside to discover how deceiving that appearance is!

From this part of the lobby, you can see (now that you are looking) a wooden door set between two decent-sized leaded glass windows. There's even a nice carved wooden sign over the door. As we walk closer, you may notice that some of the wares offered in the gift shop are on display in the windows. A couple of the house brownies take considerable pride in their window dressing skills, so I hope you appreciate what they've done with the arrangement of the t-shirts!

Yes, there is a door to the gift shop on the outside of the building, too. But it's pretty well covered with ivy, and the stone path leading up to it is grown over with thyme, so it's no wonder you never noticed that one!!

Let's stop for a moment to read this week's reviews, and then we'll continue our tour. . . .