Grey Walker here. A few weeks ago, Donna Bird told you about The School of Imagination, which is just down the way from Green Man Review's office building. So this week, I thought I'd tell you a bit about another wonderful place that's right on our block, just three doors south of us: Wood's Book Stall.

Wood's is a combination indoor-outdoor affair -- at least on fine days it is. We do, of course, have lots of rainy and snowy days in our fair city, and on those days Anna Wood doesn't roll her book carts outdoors. But if there's no book-threatening weather, you can see her pulling the carts out at eight in the morning. There are three of them, old creaky wooden things, dark with years, but topped with bright, multi-striped awnings that Anna replaces every spring (at which time she also holds the annual New Awning Sale). Anna has named the carts, and their names are painted on them. Pi Sheng, Caxton and Kelmscott. So if you're looking for a particular book, and Anna says, 'I think that one's on Pi Sheng,' you'll know what she's talking about. Anna's corgi, Offset, keeps an eye on the carts, lying curled up in the shade under Caxton. And don't think Offset won't notice and go barking to Anna if you try to snaffle a book without paying!

Wood's is also one of that rare breed, a combination new-and-used book store. Anna sells books that she likes, whether she finds them just off the presses or previously read. And you'd be amazed at the wide variety of books you'll find in her store, considering that she reads every one before she puts it out on the shelf. At least we think she does. For thirty years, we've pulled books at random and asked her about them, and she always knows what they're about -- in detail. No one we know has stumped her once.

But if you're curious about any folk roots or imaginative book you find at Wood's, Anna might also point you up the street in our direction. After all, it's likely we've got a review of it! And for that matter, here are this week's new reviews.