Karen D. Mitchell, When Rabbits Write Books


"She will remember your heart when men are fairy tales
in books written by rabbits. Of all unicorns, she is the
only one who knows what regret is — and love."
~ Peter Beagle, The Last Unicorn

When Rabbits Write Books

In the decades following World War Three, the next Ice Age,
or arrival of the inevitable meteor that wears our name on its face,
a new consciousness will rise and spread across the globe.

Evolution will turn itself inside out like the black "Kick Ass"
T-shirt that earned you a seat across from the high school dean
who demands Why canít you change?

You answer The changing never stops and never will.
Someday this school will be the soil beneath another institution,
a warren full of tunnels and chambers, storage rooms full

of carrots, squash, lettuce and books. Words will reemerge as the new
weapons of mass consumption. Predatory animals will die
from boredom because the prey got smart and quit running.

God will sit down with all of us, as we dine on berries and nuts
and drink chamomile tea, nobody pointing fingers or dropping bombs
because our paws have only begun to grip the rocks that carve

our horned hearts into cavern walls. The dean refers you to the guidance
counselor, who yawns and asks Which path do you prefer, psychiatrist or psychic?
Neither, you answer, I just want to raise rabbits.

Karen D. Mitchell


(Karen D. Mitchell is a talented writer and poet living in Indianapolis, Indiana. She met Peter at Dragon*Con 2005, when she interviewed him for JAKE, a literary magazine. During that meeting she shared this poem which Peter's work had inspired: he was delighted by it, and so asked her permission to include it here.)

illustration photo from on-line catalog