Robert Tilendis' Best of 2009 Picks

Best of 2009 It was surprisingly easy to decide on my "Best" picks for 2009. The book that impressed me the most was John Ney Rieber's continuation of Neil Gaiman's The Books of Magic. It keeps the mythic quality that is so much a part of Gaiman's storytelling while taking the story into new places. It was captivating. In music, the choices were a little more difficult. Top of the list is Leonard Bernstein's complete cycle of the symphonies of Gustav Mahler. I can only repeat the quote I borrowed from Erik Ryding earlier: "Oh, that's how it's supposed to sound."

From another angle, I chose two sides of "Nordic." The first was String Sisters Live an amazing performance by six amazing fiddlers. OK, it's not strictly or purely Nordic, but it will do. Perhaps even less pure is Tummel's Payback Time, one of the most outrageously wonderful CDs I've every encountered. Sure, there was other wonderful stuff, but those were the most wonderful.