Steve Power, former reviewer, was born near Liverpool, UK, in 1955. This, sadly, was too late for him to be old enough to scream for the Beatles at their legendary Empire Theatre concerts in the late 1960's. It was, fortunately, early enough to allow him to join the queues around the Liverpool Stadium walls, to witness equally legendary performances by Jethro Tull; Steeleye Span; Barclay James Harvest; Emerson, Lake and Palmer and many other luminaries of the early 1970's progressive rock and electric folk eras.

Stephen has spent nearly 30 years of work in various aspects of the profession of psychiatry, during which he qualified in 4 branches of nursing, became a trained clinical psychotherapist, finally got that elusive degree (plus two post- graduate diplomas, a Master's degree and entrée to his PhD by research), wrote over 20 papers for academic journals and a book on his specialist subject, clinical supervision.

Music is never very far away in Steve's life. He was a freelance rock music photographer, for a large London-based picture library, in the Mid 1980's, and a staunch member of local folk clubs while working at Universities in the south of England in the 90's -- where he also reviewed gigs for local newspapers.  On one glorious day in 1996, he even got to meet his Idol, Ian Anderson, Jethro Tull!

Steve moved to Ireland in the late 1990'sand has since established Shanna Quay (a phonetic spelling of the Irish word for "Storyteller"), a Traditional Irish Music and Bookshop based in the picturesque village of Adare, Co. Limerick. Being a real "culture groupie," he says that the best thing about it is that real musicians and writers (even some who have made CD's and written books!) speak to him on a regular basis! In July 2002 Steve will be taking up a new contract with an Irish University that will allow him to devote more time to his music and book shop, while still flexing his academic muscle. Is this heaven? No, it's Ireland -- but that's near enough!