Earning ulcers and an honors degree in World Literature from SUCO College at Oneonta, William Simmons, former reviewer, has taught courses in Horror, Fantasy, Mythology, and Medieval Literature. While pursuing two Masters Degrees in Literature and Education, he's assembling a dark folklore collection and writing a novel. Recently he's became the editor of The Earwig Flesh Factory dark surrealist magazine, creative consultant for Gathering Darkness webzine, and a manuscript reader for the The Harrow. When he's not reviewing for Folk Tales, he writes the Folk Fears column for Twilight Showcase, Whistle In the Grave Yard, a continuing dark folklore column for The Haunted, Peering Through the Darkness, a Horror novel review for Gathering Darkness, and Tiny Deaths, a review of macabre short fiction for the Shallow End Of Infinity, among others. A review column of influential classic horror works will be appearing in Hellnotes, the popular industry newsletter. William is 26 years old and has more ambition than hair. In the near future he'll begin publishing Dark Fantastique, a webzine devoted to Dark Fantasy fiction. He lives in New York state with his wife and daughter, and has the odd habit of looking for ghosts between the ears of cats when he's not drinking root beer and watching old Bugs Bunny cartoons.