Rachel Manija Brown, Master Review, recently sold her first book, All the Fishes Come Home to Roost, a memoir about her bizarre childhood. At age seven, she was bundled up by her post-hippie Jewish Californian parents and moved with them to an ashram in India where she was the only foreign child within a hundred mile radius. The ashram was devoted to Meher Baba, perhaps best known for being Pete Townsend's guru and for coining the phrase "don't worry, be happy." This incredibly strange and darkly funny true story will be published by Rodale in the fall of 2005.

She has worked at the Jim Henson Company and as a staff writer on Fox Family's horror-comedy "The Fearing Mind." She has an MFA in playwriting from UCLA, and had a play produced off-Broadway before she was old enough to drink.

Rachel lives in Los Angeles. She studies Shotokan karate, reads hiragana, and loves Tokyo, but has not yet acquired a taste for natto.

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