Michael M. Jones, Senior Reviewer, graduated from college with a degree in the technical aspects of theatre. As soon as he found out that theatre in the real world was a job, rather than fun, he went back to school, and concentrated on his other love, writing. Countless rejection slips later, he branched out into reviewing to keep him off the streets. He's since seen his first major publication, "Claus of Death" in the SLIPSTREAMS anthology (DAW, 2006, edited by John Helfers and Martin Greenberg).

Operating under the philosophy that he can't die with things left unread, he's busy collecting comics, books and magazines at such a rate that he's effectively immortal. The rumor is that he bought a house just for the bookcase space. Contrary to popular belief, he is not part of any government conspiracies, or shadowy groups seeking to control the world. He currently lives in Roanoke, VA, with a pride of cats, none of whom have any respect for books whatsoever, and his overly patient wife, who -does- appreciate books. He can be contacted here, or found online at One Minute Monkey.