Born and raised in South Australia, Michael Hunter, Senior Writer, is

(a) is the editor of Fiddlestix, the fanzine of the Australian Friends Of Fairport, which has been in existence since 1985;

(b) is a writer for dB Magazine (Adelaide) as reviewer and interviewer on largely folk/folk-rock artists, since 1991;

(c) is the presenter of "Roots & Branches" on 5DDD (Three D Radio), Adelaide, since 1987 -- aiming to stretch the boundaries of the word "folk" to their absolute limits is the manifesto of the show.

(d) is also the presenter of "The Metaphysical Show" on the same station, also since 1987. The show focuses on New Age/self-development/non-dogmatic spirituality issues, with interviews, talkback and New Age music;

(e) also co-presents the show "Obscured By..." which broadly covers psych-rock, prog-rock and 60s and 70s Australian rock obscurities;

(f) is an occasional live show compere -- 2 Fairport Convention, 1 Dave Swarbrick, 1 Dave Swarbrick & Alistair Hulett;

(g) is an equally occasional promoter in the Adelaide area - Hulett & Swarbrick (2007) and Hulett & Rovics (2008);

(h) has one production credit so far, for "Into The Light", a meditation tape for local psychic Deborah-Kaye (1998);

(i) has also written articles for In Folk-Us (South Australian Folk Federation Magazine) and Australian Record Collector, as well as for the book for Free Reed's Dave Swarbrick box set Swarb!.

(j) is a co-moderator for the mailing list Rock & Roll Scars, attached to the Milesago Web site (Australian pop and rock);

(k) would be happy for you to visit his YouTube page;

(l) sleeps a lot when not involved in the above.

Michael's favourite music is folk-rock, with a penchant for most music that has obvious heart and soul to it. His personal spirituality is a blend of various traditions, but "New Age" or "Neo-Pagan" or "Pagan sympathiser" are titles not too far from the mark. He's big on self-responsibility, not big on pigeonholes.

He lives alone with one cat, Aurora. If you wish to e-mail him, his address is here.