Mattie Lennon, former reviewer, was born in the middle of the last century (1946 to be exact, but who's counting?) in Kylebeg, Lacken, Blessington, Co. Wicklow. He wasn't at any stage called the Black Sheep of the family; this was simply because he was and still is an only child. Nor was he at any stage interested in sport. But he has always had some interest in writing; and, as a young lad (and up to this day), if accused of anything in the wrong, he'll compose some sort of uncomplimentary doggerel about his accuser. But he hasn't been faced with many false accusations in my lifetime and consequently hasn't been a very prolific songwriter.

Mattie writes the occasional humorous article and has contributed to The Irish Times, Sunday Independent, The Irish Post, Irelands Own, Irelands Eye, The Wicklow People, Kerry's Eye, Leinster Leader and many more. He also writes for a number of on-line magazines including He has compiled and presented programmes on RTE Radio One, and on 18th March last, he co-hosted Ceol Na nGael on WFUV Radio in the Bronx. At present, Mattie presents a ballad programme on Radio Dublin 100FM.

Of course, none of this puts bread on the table, so Mattie has a day-job, working for Dublin Bus. He has spent most of the past 30 years in Dublin; but whenever asked "Will you ever go back to Kylebeg?" he quotes James Joyce's reply when asked the same question about Dublin: "I never left." He is married, with a family, although currently his wife is wondering what sort of an eejit he is to be sitting at a computer, at this time of night, typing this with one finger.