Liath ó Laighin, Green Man Review's Archivist, comes from a distinguished family of archivists, leading members of the Sidhe clerisy. Given that the Sidhe are somewhat long-lived, archivism is an esteemed art among them. Liath was anointed an archivist 913 years ago, and has been a practitioner of the art ever since. She has agreed to tender her services to The Green Man Review solely on the strength of one of Danse Macabre's performances, which she attended one past Samhain. In addition to Danse Macabre, Liath appreciates the music of humans Malcolm Dalglish and Turlough Carolan (whose recent death still saddens her). She is currently reading through the ouvre of Patricia McKillip, remarking that McKillip is considered to be a controversial revisionist historian among the Sidhe.

Liath can be reached by e-mail here -- if the pixies leave your message alone long enough for it to reach her. They seem to have a particular taste for fey bits.