Kimberlee Sweeney Rettberg, former reviewer, is an artist/writer currently living in Charlotte, N.C. Like most other inhabitants of this city, she is a transplant from the Northern Hoards: places of cruel blizzards and seasonal depression. While in the North, Kimberlee began showing her artwork defiantly at a very young age against older, more established artists -- and publishing poetry. While made aware by the school establishment that these talents would only lead to financial ruin -- and an existence that might possibly involve a hotplate and a highway overpass -- Kimberlee learned Other Things. These included horse training and the design of hospital electrical systems. Finally, however, she evolved through the process of bad philosophy -- and re-entered the world of the arts with a vengeance, winning many awards, including the N.C. Arts & Sciences Emerging Artist Award. Through her enterprise, Ainvar Studios, she is working on numerous writings and illustrations at any given time, as can be found at her Web site.