Debbie Skolnik, former member of the GMR staff -- who has in 5+ years been a bit of everything at GMR, from Managing Editor to Senior Writer to Proofer to Live Performances Editor -- has been listening to Fairport Convention and other UK-folk-rock oriented artists since their music came out in LP format. She is one of the people who actually bought Richard Thompson's Henry The Human Fly in vinyl format at the time it was first released, although (to be honest) she didn't necessarily appreciate its virtues at the time (a problem which has since been rectified, of course).

Her tastes in music are wide-ranging - she likes most everything but twangy country and some of the world music genres. After one semester as a music major at the University of Maryland, a course in music theory convinced her that this might not be her best career option. She still claims amateur musician status, (keyboards, vocals), though it's been a while since she performed in public.

She met her husband, Jeff (incidentally, also a one-time contributing writer for Green Man Review and also an amateur musician (bass-player) whose tastes run more to blues and jazz than folk) at a coffeehouse in the basement of a church. They have been talking about (and playing) music ever since. Debbie and Jeff live near Washington DC (suburban Maryland) with two dogs and a cat.

She has been delighted to find new friends and lots of musically knowledgeable people on the Internet, where she does more lurking than speaking on several music-related mailing lists. She supports her CD and Internet addictions by working as a hospital librarian.