Christine Doiron, Senior Writer, is a freelance writer and owner of the Cabin Fever Book Search Service. She grew up in San Diego, but went looking for adventure and a new lifestyle when she turned 18 and ended up in Alaska. She was a bookseller for several years, but is now a stay at home mom.

She'll freely admit that she's what is known as a "bibliomaniac" or "bibliophile." She doesn't just love to read. She loves everything about books. She loves the way books feel in her hands, how they smell, how they look on a shelf. She loves bookmark(er)s, though she never seems to use them. One of her happiest moments is when she opens a book she's never read, or one of the few she reads over and over again. If she's ever driven to financial ruin she knows it will be over books. She's horrified by the certainty that books will eventually all be electronic, and her most depressing thought is that there are more great books out there than she will ever have time to read, or the money -- not to mention the space in her house -- to own.

She can be contacted at this e-mail address.