Chris Woods, former senior writer and resident expert on Fairport Convention, after a somewhat chequered past which involved such extremes of employment as teaching and selling used cars, now works in the Psychology Department of Keele University in the UK. He spends his time there trying to keep all the PC's running in offices and labs, training the users, looking after the departmental web pages, tearing out his hair at user's behaviour,and doing all sorts of mundane and boring technological things. Possibly because he's a frustrated musician (because he can't play anything well enough), or possibly as an alternative to sports activities (which he hates but which inexplicably captivated so many of his friends), he started going to folk clubs and listening to British and Celtic folk and folk rock music. Thirty years on he's still listening, a frequent attender of live events and an avid collector of albums and books. The collecting habit has been successfully passed on to his teenage children which has made him a leading expert in building storage units and fitting shelves.