Wendy Donahue, Reviewer, resides in Ohio with her husband and four kids, where she spends an inordinate amount of time chauffering the kids to step dance, fiddle and bagpipe lessons. She loves to read, and has recently also taken to enjoying audiobooks, as they are much safer to enjoy behind the wheel of a car. Favorite authors include Tad Williams, Stephen Lawhead, and Anne Rice. Her musical tastes are diverse and have led to an addiction to her iPod, which allows her to enjoy the music of hundreds of artists in the dozens of genres she enjoys. Her favorite music tends to be Celtic-folk and folk-inspired rock. Hobbies include writing, photography, and taking in as much live performance (both music and theatre) as time and money will allow. Occasionally she uploads her pictures to a family oriented website, The Donahue Family Webpage, which can be found here. E-mails may be directed here.