Terri Kempton

Terri comes to the Green Man Review offering a unique background of horse wrangling skills, office-bitch experience, and the ability to single-handedly impersonate a bagpipe.  Thanks to several years of barefoot gardening and perfecting her mad hammock skills as a Peace Corps volunteer in Central America, she continues to be amazed at the wide availability of running water in her native America. For a living she is a professional conservation biologist, working with a California nonprofit environmental group on the problem of invasive plant species. For fun she plays cello and guitar, sings, and does extremely creative crafts. She has been a fan of Peter S. Beagle's work since childhood, when she practically memorized all the dialog in the animated film version of The Last Unicorn by obsessively listening to a cassette audio tape she dubbed live from a rental videotape of the movie.