Leona Wisoker started out as a writer when she was eight, with a story about all the vacuum cleaners in the world breaking down at the same time. Her parents made the deadly mistake of praising it, and friends and family alike have had to wade through piles of her work ever since.

She has returned to writing for Green Man Review after an absence of four years, in which she trained as a massage therapist and energy healer. On discovering that the satisfaction of healing others, high as it was, still took second place to the written word for her, she bowed humbly to the various Muses hitting her over the head and returned to her desk.

Leona currently lives in Williamsburg, Virginia, with an extraordinarily patient husband and two large dogs, all of whom do their best to drag her into physical activity once in a while. They usually fail.

She almost never vacuums.

More of her work, including free articles on cooking, health, and local (to her) events may be found here

To contact Leona directly, please e-mail.