Inigo Jones, Reviewer has been listening to music his whole life, and world music for the last ten years. As well as music, there is art, literature, and now architecture, ecology, and the Internet.

Time spent living in the Middle East sharpened his appreciation for Arabic music, classical and contemporary, as well as creating a bizarre premature nostalgia for late-90s pop trash like Britney ("She's doing her best"), the only English language music played in the clubs over there. He is still getting over that, helped largely by the P2P communities out there sharing music over the Internet.

"Soon recorded music will become what it always has been -- just another advertisement for the musician[s] -- and a century or so of 'moving product' will come to a close. Music will become free to be sound once again."

Currently favourites --

Electronic: Etienne De Crecy, Herbert, Coastal Commission, Cass'n Slide
Acoustic: Cheb Mama, Salif Keita, Bashir Abbas, Umm Khultum

Inigo can be reached by e-mail here.