It was last year that Daniel Bangs, former reviewer, graduated from Lancaster University, and after six months back at home he has been tempted by the foreign* allure of London. He is now in the process of hunting out a young folk scene (there has to be one!) and a career in writing. Having been raised in a predominately folk household, he supposes it was somewhat predictable that he should spend his teenage years in a kind of rebellion, indulging himself with rock music and combat trousers. Perhaps more predictable still is the return to his roots that has happened over the last few years and the increasing importance of folk music in his life.

As well as various attempts to write and perform within the genre, (hindered presently by the apparent abduction of all available fiddle players in London), he has been given the job of warden at an upcoming 'Capers' youth weekend, a gathering of young people interested or involved in folk music.

Favourite artists include Allan Taylor, Jez Lowe, Bob Fox, the John Wright Band, Fairport Convention, Eric Bogle, the Hush, Cockersdale, the Pogues and Steeeleye Span. He also has a particualr fondness for more traditional music from the North-East of England where he was brought up, Tommy Armstrong and Johnny Handel especially.

Outside of music, Daniel's main interests are the watching and playing of rugby, football and squash, and a slightly unusual fondness for getting to the top of mountains.

*To those of you living outside the UK, he can assure you that London is distinctly foreign to Northumberland!