Courtney E. Shinaberry, Reviewer, read her first book at age three, and hasn't stopped since. After a Homeric romp through higher education that both amused and alarmed her family (and eventually resulted in an inordinately useful degree in Art History), she has finally decided to quit fighting nature and get a Master's degree in Library Science. She also works part-time as a used and antiquarian bookseller to "keep her hand in." She is happily married, and met her husband -- where else -- at a bookstore.

Perhaps her most defining characteristic is her raging bibliomania, and she has almost resigned herself to never having enough bookcases. Her favorite hobby is accumulating books -- "collecting" is far too dignified a term for the persistent and slightly unhinged activities that result in chest-high drifts of books throughout her house. A native West Virginian, Courtney has a deep and abiding love for mountains and for Appalachia, as well as nurturing nearly life-long Anglophilic tendencies, which she inherited from her mother.

Her eclectic interests include studying the folklore of Appalachia and the British Isles, genealogy, herbalism, Eastern philosophy, being in the woods, stargazing, and listening to music (especially British folk-rock, wyrd-folk, traditional/old time music, Early Music, and Kate Bush). She has a fascination with fifteenth-century art and Edwardian illustration and maintains an online group dedicated to Civil War battlefield preservation. On her list of things to tackle next are morris dancing, learning to plant her garden by the signs, and actually finishing a knitting project. One of these days, she will give in to the badgering of friends and family and write that novel. Often told she has an old soul, she's always felt as though she belongs some when-else in the past (so if she seems a little distant, that explains it). And yes, she also has a slightly disturbing fascination with Wellington boots. Write her here, if you dare.