Alistair Brown, Reviewer, has been an enthusiast of the old songs, and new songs written by people who like the old songs, since he was fifteen years old. His musical career began helping out in the folk clubs of his native Scotland during the 60s folk revival (the one between Cecil Sharp and the Pogues), opening bottles and occasionally concerts for all his heroes, and performing guest spots whenever the sound man wasn't looking. That way he also got in for nothing -- no small matter for an impoverished schoolboy.

In 1972, he moved to Canada, where for over thirty years he has been a regular performer in North American folk clubs and festivals. He has been active in many aspects of folk song and dance for years, as a recording artist, radio broadcaster, magazine columnist, artistic director of the Home County Folk Festival, board member of both The Country Dance and Song Society and The Ontario Council of Folk Festivals, teacher of a university course on folk music, and regular staff member at folk music and dance camps. He founded The Cuckoo's Nest Folk Club in 1973 and continued as MC and chairman of the board till 2002, when he returned to the U.K. to live in a lovely village by the sea in Cornwall. Now he tries to fit in as many pub music sessions as there are days in the week. For more information see

In moments of quiet reflection, or when there's a airline seat sale, Alistair dances with Thames Valley International Morris and the Toronto Morris Men and sings with the Friends of Fiddler's Green. Contact Alistair at