Big Earl Sellar, Master Reviewer and prole of the masses. Looks good in plaid. Currently doing menial work in Edmonton, where one can always hear the blue collar blues. Former professional busker, singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist. Played with nobody you've heard of. Sitting on one of the most ridiculously eclectic collections of music you've seen, which spins out in a new direction every other month. Currently seeking: rare Hank Snow; Oceania music; Mento revival; and still waiting for the official re-issue of "Lick My Decals Off, Baby."

Wasting precious megs on his digital photography addiction, which will manifest itself webside if he ever gets off his butt... Gardening adventures will reign supreme this spring with black dirt, great sun, and a yard to re-establish, albeit in Zone 3A. He knows what -52C feels like. Hopes you don't. He really hopes you don't. Did he mention an oddly dry sense of humour and wry sarcasm? Any further questions? Drop him a line at