Andrea S. Garrett, Reviewer, lives in Birmingham, Alabama, with her husband, 2 dogs, 1 cat and a horse; respectively they are Bill, Homer, Zorro, Kato and Darcy Dancer. They're all rescues of one sort or another, though if you ask her husband he'll say he rescued her. She grew up in Courtland, Alabama (pop 495), a small town that clasps weird old women, drunks, charming rakes and do-nothings to its bosom. Naturally she wants to go back there. She went to college at the University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee, graduating with a major in the highly lucrative field of English History. Just in case that job market was saturated she minored in Mediaeval History. When she was 30 she decided she should be more practical and got a Masters in Education, but she hated teaching high school. Naturally this has led to a varied if not highly paid working life. Currently she's Assistant Librarian at the Birmingham Museum of Art -- a great job. They live in a 1920's bungalow style house with a magic-laden, big yard for the animals. Her side of the yard is very messy and overgrown, her husband's is very neat -- diversity is good. She loves books, horseback riding, needlepoint and gardening. You can e-mail her here.