Flash Girls

I’m sure you know of Emma Bull’s War for the Oaks novel and Cats Laughing, the folk rock group she was a member of, but I’ll bet that you haven’t heard of the Flash Girls, which was her other group. And more’s the pity as you really should hear all three of their albums.

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Billy Pigg: Northumbrian piper

There were two things Janey Little loved best in the world: music and books, and not necessarily in that order. Her favorite musician was the late Billy Pigg, the Northumbrian piper from the northeast of England whose playing had inspired her to take up the small pipes herself as her principal instrument. From the opening . . . → Read More: Billy Pigg: Northumbrian piper

Dancing Goats

Jack loves to tell this tale late at night. I was there as well so I know all told here happened…

Once upon a time, I fiddled away the entire night of a summer solstice under the stars with a Québécois band named Les Chèvres Dansantes. That means in English ‘The Dancing Goats’, the French . . . → Read More: Dancing Goats

For English Music and Dance Fans

If you are interested in English folk music and dance and I assume that many of you stopping by here are, there is the perfect website: Martin Nail’s site which is appropriately named English folk and traditional music on the Internet.

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With a candlestick in the Library

One hears the most interesting tales late at night here in the Pub as the number of folk dwindles to but a few and the Neverending Session is but a trio of fiddlers playing quietly by the fireplace. Here is a tale of possible murder among librarians.

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A Pub Tale

Evening, I’m your host this late evening.

What’s your pleasure? Ale? Cider? Metheglin? Whisky? Buckdancers Choice you say? Good — So let me get you a Caife Gaelac made with freshly brewed Blue Mountain and a splash of an aged single malt as it’s bloody cold out there with the sleet and rain we’re . . . → Read More: A Pub Tale