On Kristian Blak and Faroe Islands music

Barb Truex penned this lovely commentary for us.

A few months ago I had my first exposure to music from the Faroe Islands, a small group of Nordic islands that lie between Iceland and the Scottish Shetland Islands. I reviewed three recordings from the group Spælimenninir. Getting to know artists better over time as . . . → Read More: On Kristian Blak and Faroe Islands music

Rambling House

Stephen Hunt wrote this review a decade ago but it’s well worth your time as it involves a certain writer and musician…

An unassuming little CD that (unusually) came my way by direct courtesy of Green Man‘s Chief Editor, Cat Eldridge. It’s a four-track ‘demo’ CD by an Australian band called Rambling House, whose membership . . . → Read More: Rambling House

A Listener’s Gude to Irish Music

Mackenzie’s off in Stockholm with his wife, Catherine, to check out residencies for the Several Annies interested in an immersion in all things Swedish so I’m doing the Sunday post which I’m writing up very late at night, as it was busier than expected in the Pub even for a Saturday evening. After my end . . . → Read More: A Listener’s Gude to Irish Music

Clannad Considered

Clannad, around 1970.

Clannad has been around since 1970, a run of over forty years, and they just released their newest album, Live at Christ Church Cathedral 2011. Founded in 1970 in Gweedore, County Donegal, they’ve been described as traditional Irish, Celtic and New Age. Just two years later with the release of ‘Theme From . . . → Read More: Clannad Considered

Literary Matters: Charles de Lint’s Digital Short Fiction

Cross-possted from Sleeping Hedgehog.

Being the Manager for the Green Man Pub here at the Kinrowan Estate and afternoon barkeep (as I’d be a piss poor Manager if I didn’t keep my skills up), I frequently (when it’s quiet) like to read short fiction as I can usually finish a story in ten or fifteen . . . → Read More: Literary Matters: Charles de Lint’s Digital Short Fiction

An Americana Website Worth Your Time

I found this superb site the other day:

Foxbeard.com is a blog about Americana & Folk music. Originally MahoganyFolk.com we renamed and updated the blog in December 2012.

We are here to share great music, and help promote Americana & Folk music. We search high and low, we receive submissions from signed, PR, and independent . . . → Read More: An Americana Website Worth Your Time

Norwegian Fiddling

 Judith Gennett has more than a few words to say on Chris Goertzen’s Fiddling For Norway 

“Imagine yourself in Norway.” Ethnomusicologist and fiddler Chris Goertzen found himself in Norway in 1988 teaching Latin and American music courses. While there, he learned a lot about the idiosyncratic world of Norwegian “normal” fiddling. The term refers to . . . → Read More: Norwegian Fiddling

The Rowan Stave: A Sharyn McCrumb Commentary

One finds the oddest things in the Archives here at the Kinrowan Estate as I found an odd one-off that Sharyn McCrumb of the Ballads novel fame, did with the able assistance of Sweetwater, a well-known folk band.

Sharyn wrote and recorded ‘The Rowan Stave’, the song that is the heart of her novel, The . . . → Read More: The Rowan Stave: A Sharyn McCrumb Commentary

Venue Recomendation: Keogh’s Irish Pub

Kim Bates recommends Keogh’s Irish Pub at 141 Danforth Avenue Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

You couldn’t ask for better hosts than John Maxwell and Dora Koegh, of Dora Keogh’s Irish Pub. Both John and Dora make community building seem effortless, and have built the relatively new (circa 1997) pub into a hub for celebrating Irish culture . . . → Read More: Venue Recomendation: Keogh’s Irish Pub


Värttinä (Finnish for spindle) is a Finnish folk music band which was started as a project by Sari and Mari Kaasinen back in 1983 in the village of Rääkkylä, in Karelia, the southeastern region of that country. In Ilmatar’s Inspirations: Nationalization, Globalization, and the Changing Soundscapes of Finnish Folk Music, our reviewer notes that author . . . → Read More: Värttinä