Michael Newton, Editor, Victorian Fairy Tales

Fairy tales weave a complicated dance between children’s stories and sophisticated adult commentary, often within the same story. Pinning down a definition of what constitutes a fairy tale can sometimes feel like nailing water to a tree, but certain elements are constant: there will always be magic, and magical creatures (although, as editor Michael Newton . . . → Read More: Michael Newton, Editor, Victorian Fairy Tales

Summer Queen 2015, Interview with S.J. Tucker

The shelves and windowsills were crowded with ravens; the hedgehogs took the first row of seats; even a few of the local fae could be seen peeking shyly around corners now and again. The Jacks and the Annies were in attendance, of course, and most of the staff from both Green Man Review and Sleeping Hedgehog.

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Summer Queen 2015, S.J.Tucker

Any self-respecting lover of fairy tale, myth, and folklore winds up listening to music that can’t be found on the Top Forty charts (except, perhaps, the unofficial ones at science fiction conventions). There are, perennially, an astonishing number of efforts to merge music and myth that, while sincere, dedicated, and hopeful, are … well … . . . → Read More: Summer Queen 2015, S.J.Tucker

Literary Matters: Catherynne M. Valente’s Fairyland novels

Twisted fairy tales, revisions and reversions of old legends and mythologies, turning everyday life inside out and at odd angles to itself, bringing Old Magic into a Today World–it’s all the province of names like Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett–and Catherynne M. Valente. As with those authors, Valente has already established cross-media ties; notably, songs by . . . → Read More: Literary Matters: Catherynne M. Valente’s Fairyland novels

Revisiting the Visible McKillip

If a reader reads a fairytale once and never picks it up again, need has been satisfied. If a reader willingly reads a fairytale nineteen times, even in that many different versions, I think it’s because the need for that particular tale hasn’t been resolved, deep in the place where imagination and symbols, emotions and . . . → Read More: Revisiting the Visible McKillip

A Triple Howl

They’re dancing high and they’re dancing low / The King of the Sidhe will not let you go / And you follow them round… into the mound of the faeries… — Coyote Run’s “Finnean’s Dance”

There’s been a bit of a stir in the Green Man Pub of late; one of our staffers keeps talking . . . → Read More: A Triple Howl

Foxy Note From Michael Cooney

One thing reviewers learn fast is how devoted fans can be. Ten years ago, Green Man Review covered Michael Cooney’s album, Together Again. This week, someone contacted us about correcting an error that had stood unchallenged since 2001. That’s dedication for you….

In any case, it gave us an excuse to contact Michael and ask . . . → Read More: Foxy Note From Michael Cooney