Music Matters: Loened Fall: The Complete Recordings

It won’t surprise any of you that I love hearing Breton music. Playing the fiddle myself, fiddle music of any sort draws my ear to pay attention. Add in an accordion, and you’ll see me tapping me toes in time to the music. If there happens to be a newly tapped cask of Old Boar . . . → Read More: Music Matters: Loened Fall: The Complete Recordings

Colcannon: The Pooka and the Fiddler and Happy as Larry

Ahhh, there you are. I saw you sitting over in Falstaff’s Chair by the cheerfully cracklin’ fire on this cold, windy, and even rainy night. I see you’re enjoying your novel… Me? I’m reading de Lint’s Moonheart — perhaps his best known work. Not all great literature comes in the form of the printed page . . . → Read More: Colcannon: The Pooka and the Fiddler and Happy as Larry

On English Folk Tales

Arthur Rackham’s ‘And they, so perfect is their misery’

Reynard, Brigid, and me were sitting in Toad Hall enjoyin’ a keg of their stout that had just been tapped, and discussin’ which bands were worth bookin’ for The Wild Hunt festival which will have English, Celtic, and Nordic performers, when he said that he had . . . → Read More: On English Folk Tales

Alas the music did die…

Way back in the Nineties I wrote this piece:

First up is a CD that you can’t purchase anywhere — yet. Hell, the band doesn’t even have a proper name yet, but they’ve been called both the Old Drones and the Windbags.The Editor got two copies of this EP, so he slipped me one of . . . → Read More: Alas the music did die…

Spring Music

Me, your generally friendly fiddler, is here as Iain, our sometimes grumpy Librarian, is off not being grumpy as he’s quite happily assisting Bjorn, our gregarious Brewmaster, with deciding which of the trial ales will be the featured one for this Spring. That means his mind is definitely not at all thinking about commenting on . . . → Read More: Spring Music