Where the Wild Things Are

We start off this post with a work beloved by generations of children and more than a few adults as well that was written and illustrated by Maurice Sendak whose amazing illustrated work many of us greatly admire and it would eventually become a film which would in turn begat a full-length novel with . . . → Read More: Where the Wild Things Are

Changing Natures (An Estate Library comment)

I had forgotten that the library here at the Kinrowan Estate was undergoing a partial renovation too until Laith reminded me that this was happening. Now understand that I have no idea exactly what space(s) the library here occupies as no one including any of the Librarians are ever sure. It can be as small . . . → Read More: Changing Natures (An Estate Library comment)

The Gruagagh

Mucking about in the Archives this afternoon resulted in a nice look at how a folk motif can change over time. Take the matter of a Gruagach…

We reviewed a double CD set of Robin Williamson’s Four Gruagach Tales. As our reviewer says, ‘Some may be asking ‘What, pray tell, is a gruagach?’ In many . . . → Read More: The Gruagagh

James Stoddard’s Evenmere series

This was first printed on Sleeping Hedgehog which you really should visit.

I just got chased out of the kitchen by Mrs. Ware who apparently has a large catering order being assembled by her staff for The School of Imagination who are hosting a seminar on the Evenmere novels this afternoon.

Oh you haven’t heard . . . → Read More: James Stoddard’s Evenmere series

Charles de Lint’s The Little Country: An Appreciation

This post is reprinted from Sleeping Hedgehog, our sister publication.

She knew this music–knew it down to the very core of her being–but she had never heard it before. Unfamiliar, it had still always been there inside her, waiting to be woken. It grew from the core of mystery that gives a secret its special . . . → Read More: Charles de Lint’s The Little Country: An Appreciation

Elizabethan history meets the Fae

My it’s nasty outside the Library windows here at the Estate right now with a cold, hard rain and gusty winds making for a perfect evening for reading by the fire.

So I have an excellent reading suggestion that will provide you with many a night of reading pleasure when the weather where you . . . → Read More: Elizabethan history meets the Fae

Winter reading suggestions

Besides drinking far too much mead, eating the hearty food that the Kitchen loves making for me such as venison pie and Lifrarpylsa (Icelandic style Haggis), writing in my journals, and chasing that lovely piper lassie (who is far too easy to catch but I’n not complaining), I enjoy reading in the storytellers chair by the . . . → Read More: Winter reading suggestions