Full cast recording of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods

First things first. I’m not making this spoiler-free so proceed at your own risk.  

Now, given that American Gods is now a decade old, and assuming you’re familiar with it so you’re reading this review to see how the full cast adaptation of the definitive edition is, you’re fine. If you haven’t read it, . . . → Read More: Full cast recording of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods

Neil Gaiman’s Snow Glass Apples and Murder Mysteries: A Play For Voices: Digital Editions Now Available (Press Release)

Neil Gaiman’s Snow Glass Apples and Murder Mysteries: A Play For Voices is now available for all e-readers. It includes the original full color text as well as all the original illustrations released with the hand made limited edition.

In Heaven’s City of Angels before the fall, the first crime has been committed: an Angel . . . → Read More: Neil Gaiman’s Snow Glass Apples and Murder Mysteries: A Play For Voices: Digital Editions Now Available (Press Release)

On The Matter of Hobbits

Some years back I’d been mucking around the annotated literature collection we have here in the Estate Library and found that we had a copy of The Annotated Hobbit when I reviewed it. It certainly wasn’t the best way to read it  as the entertaining annotations distracted from Tolkien’s story but I did learn much . . . → Read More: On The Matter of Hobbits

Rat Fiddlers (A Pub Tale)

Oh, the tale I was going to tell? It concerns the Rat Fiddlers…

The staff is engaged in a discussion to name the group that the Rat Fiddlers are thinking of putting together — medieval music with small pipes, hurdy gurdy, and fiddles.

Who are these Rat Fiddlers, you ask? And why haven’t I heard . . . → Read More: Rat Fiddlers (A Pub Tale)

Zina Lee on Jane Yolen

Over a few pints of Guinness, I asked Zina what her favorite Jane Yolen tale was and why so. Here’s her answer:

I’ve so many favorite Yolen stories and I am so grateful to her for them all, but I suppose that right now my favorite is ‘Briar Rose’, her re-telling of Sleeping Beauty within . . . → Read More: Zina Lee on Jane Yolen

Some music for a late summer afternoon

Yes, I know that we have done an entire issue on Nordic music which gives you a smorgasbord of listening possibilities, but these two recordings, both of which have a Nordic element to them, are well-worth your listening time. And who doesn’t enjoy learning about new music of interest? Certainly not you or I!

. . . → Read More: Some music for a late summer afternoon

Words: Short Fiction Considered

Four looks at short stories this outing; two are author collections and two are anthologies. None grabbed my interest, but maybe something will capture yours!

We lead off with Deathbird, a collection of stories by one of the Grumpy Old Men of New Wave SF, a man who elevated being testy to an art form. . . . → Read More: Words: Short Fiction Considered

Words: Series Fiction Considered

I have a number of new books for you this outing, every one of them, not at all surprisingly, either the start of a new series or the continuation of an existing series. If you’re anything like me, you like series for their ability to develop characters and their story over an extended period.

(Warning: . . . → Read More: Words: Series Fiction Considered

John Crowley’s Little, Big

We’ve been having a discussion in the Pub on which house in fantasy and science-fiction appeals to us. Lots of them got mentioned from, as one staffer noted, ‘The old, rambling building that houses the College of Shadows in Schweitzer’s Mask of the Sorcerer. Constantly shifting, new rooms appearing or disappearing, and a library that . . . → Read More: John Crowley’s Little, Big

Considering Patricia McKillip

I thought I knew what cold was, before cold stripped me bare of thought, then blinded me and froze my heart. I could not feel such cold and live; cold forced me into something other, something not quite human, who held a dream with bones of ice, and did not remember names, only what we . . . → Read More: Considering Patricia McKillip