James Hetley’s Summer Country

‘The fiddle chased him and pounced, and then the two instruments rolled around like a pair of kittens playing with a catnip mouse. A flute joined in, and the ball of fur turned into rambunctious reel, one Brian had never heard before. And then the deep booming of the drum nipped one of them . . . → Read More: James Hetley’s Summer Country

Kage Baker

Kage Baker (1952 – 2010) ran away to sea when she was five, getting a job as a steam whistle on a tramp steamer, and learned to read and write thanks to the tutelage of a kindly one-legged sea cook. He suggested she try her hand at writing science fiction, so she produced her first . . . → Read More: Kage Baker

Old Hag Tunes

She looks like the wizened old crone in that painting Jilly did for Geordie when he got into this kick of learning fiddle tunes with the word ‘hag’ in the title: ‘the Hag in the Kiln,’ ‘Old Hag You Have Killed Me,’ ‘The Hag With the Money,’ and god knows how many more. Just like . . . → Read More: Old Hag Tunes

Saltwater Celtic Music Festival

One of my favorite summer music festivals, the Saltwater Celtic Music Festival, is back for a second, a truly good piece of news! Sleeping Hedgehog has their new press release up now and I will only add that one of the acts I’m looking fears to seeing there is Black 47 whose headlining on one . . . → Read More: Saltwater Celtic Music Festival

OLS Benefit Concert, Wednesday, April 11 – 8 pm, Portland, Maine (Press Release)

Join us for a very exciting evening of music with a contemporary string band SUPERGROUP! These six musicians from including Darol Anger from the Republic of Strings, Joe Walsh from The Gibson Brothers, Brittany Haas from Crooked Still, Wes Corbett from Joy Kills Sorrow, and Courtney Hartman from Della Mae are coming together and generously . . . → Read More: OLS Benefit Concert, Wednesday, April 11 – 8 pm, Portland, Maine (Press Release)

Tamson House Music

You may remember Tamson House Music as the label for Charles de Lint’s first album and MaryAnn Harris’ EP, both of which we’ve reviewed. Our review of de Lint’s Old Blue Truck is here, and Harris’ Crow Girls is here.

You should also remember that we noted the release of de Lint’s music video, “Muddy . . . → Read More: Tamson House Music

English Piping (A Musical Recommendation)

That’s Northumbrian small pipes playing… Quite tasty eh? No, it’s not Celtic music but rather from Northumbia, the northern most region of England. Yes, I know that it’s influenced by the Scottish smallpipe tradition but it’d uniquely its own music.

I know a album is very good when a musician who that plays that music . . . → Read More: English Piping (A Musical Recommendation)

A Choice Bit of Fantasy for Your Winter Reading Pleasure

And now a recommendation by one of our staff for your Winter reading pleasure

In 2007, a new fantasy novel appeared by a first-time author named Patrick Rothfuss. That novel, titled The Name of the Wind, became very popular, earning impressive sales and even more impressive reviews for Mr. Rothfuss. The Name of the Wind . . . → Read More: A Choice Bit of Fantasy for Your Winter Reading Pleasure

Horror Anyone?

I’ve pointed out before that tending bar in our Pub leaves me with short periods that I can do some reading in. My preferred reading form is short stories as novels usually don’t lend themselves to reading in bits and pieces.

So I have two recommendations for you that I found worth reading in my . . . → Read More: Horror Anyone?

Fiddles (A Pub Tale)

…the best fiddling I ever heard was a reel, slashed off one day by a tramp player in William Street, Portlaw. For, though I have heard much music since, the indescribable dash and call of that reel are dancing in my ears yet. — Rev. Richard Henebry

Fiddles. They’re everywhere.

The fairies may very well . . . → Read More: Fiddles (A Pub Tale)