29th of February, 2004

The Lord of Misrule is the Prankster King, and I, for reasons unknown to me, am he. He has his day, and all are subject to his whim. He's the Lord of License, who says the times are turvy and topsy by his presence, and all may do as he invites. He affirms order by bringing chaos, because his power is only for a day, and then the dull and stable times return when he and chaos go.

Two thousand years ago, he may have been the King of Saturnalia, that good Roman holiday that inspired much of the best of Christmas and Mardi Gras. He undoubtedly comes from traditions as old as humanity's ability to make lords and mock them.

In very, very old and desperate times, he may have been sacrificed at the end of his reign. People have always believed that there's a price for fun.

He's Coyote or Rabbit or Puck made King -- a very bad idea. Perhaps that's why he was killed at the end of his day.

Cat Eldridge invited me to be Green Man's Lord of Misrule. Please don't kill me.

But, if you must, I'll do my very best to laugh at you while I die. Doc Holliday should have been a Lord of Misrule (his name suggests it), for he had fine last words: 'This is funny.'

Now, go do something foolish. And laugh at those greater fools who are afraid to be thought what we all are.


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